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Single core bundle optical cables
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Single core bundle optical cables

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1. Strand with tightly wrapped fiber, and use a sheath after adding aramid fiber (24 cores and above, twisted into several bundles of large cores in bundle units)

2. Common cores: 2, 4, 6, 8, 12 ... 144, the bundle optical cable produced in this workshop has up to 96 cores.

3. Sheath material: PVC (polyvinyl chloride), LSZH (Low smoke zero halogen), and TPU (polyurethane).

4. Material manufacturer: The manufacturer of aramid fiber is DuPont 1420D; Tenglong PVC; internal supply or Xinde LSZH; TPU is generally from Zhenjiang Danyang.

5. Outer diameter and mold: 6-core outer diameter 5.0 (mold 4.3/7.5mm), 12-core outer diameter 6.1 (mold 5.1/8.6mm), and pay-off tension of tightly wrapped fiber is: 2.5N.

6. When above 12 cores: 4 cores are used as a stranding unit (stranding plus strip), and then the reinforced core is added in unit (FRP) for stranding. When the user's requirement for force value is high, add an aramid fiber and then add a sheath, otherwise, add a sheath directly. Stranding pitch when below 12 cores: 500-600mm. If there is a suitable stranding cage: The 24 cores can be directly stranded and added with a sheath after adding an aramid fiber.

7. Technological process: Paying off of tight-buffered optical fiber → stranding → aramid fiber reinforcing → sheathing → cooling → drying → traction → Taking up

8. Color distinction: In most cases, the multi-mode is orange and the single-mode is black or yellow (the sheath material shall be used strictly in accordance with the requirements on the process card);

9. Structure chart:


Single core bundle optical cables

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