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Pipeline leather line cable
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Pipeline leather line cable

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1. When the indoor leather line cables are of metallic reinforcement, the model is GJYXH03; when the indoor leather line cables are of non-metallic reinforcement, the model is GJYXFH03.

2. Note the pay-off tension and stranding pitch of the yarn binding.

3. The two parallel reinforcements must be in the groove of the unit cable.

4. Control the tightness of the leather line cable in the sheath (note that no trace of yarn binding shall appear in the unit).

5. The bonding of the water-blocking tape shall be firm to ensure that the water-blocking tape is provided throughout the cable.

6. Keep the printing clear and wear-resistant, the meter counting length shall be accurate, and the printing spacing shall be within the range of 1000~1010mm, and the printing size shall meet the regulations of process requirements.

7. The flat cable shall be neat and free from collapsing or crimping.

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